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A Message from the President

I would like to extend my welcome to you as a fellow Norwegian with roots in the Ringerike-Drammen Districts.  A few years ago I got the bug to check out my ancestry.  No one in my family had ever put together a family tree so I was starting cold.  I turned to one of the digital databases and immediately was hooked.  Every new generation I could find was like digging for gold and hitting the jackpot. It was during this searching that I met a cousin I didn't know I had and he turned me on to the bygdelag movement and encouraged me to attend my first Stevne.  I was captivated.  I learned so much about how to take my research to the next level and I had a ton of fun.  I was so impressed that I agreed to be Vice President of the Lag within a month of joining.

Our past president, Narv Somdahl was a great man and a joy to be around.  I was proud to be his Vice President.  Unfortunately he passed away in 2013 but before he did he asked me to take over the running of R-DD.  Of course I said yes it would be my honor to do so, but I would find it hard to fill his shoes.


I have a Marketing background so the first thing I wanted to do is help add value to the R-DD Membership. The BREV newsletter is very well done and entertaining but I know that most people will want more than that.  In fact, the number one thing we can offer is help with genealogy.  So I am proud that we have begun the creation of a searchable database of our members ancestry.  Currently this is only available through our genealogists (at no cost to you) or at the Stevne each summer.  Should you wish to join our lag, we would love to include your ancestry information and see what other members you may be related to (click here for more information).


Like any organization we are always looking for people willing to help with various projects.  Along with the database, we have an index of all topics shared in the BREV which needs continuous updating.  We have the Stevne that we share with 6 other bygdelags so R-DD hosts it every 7 years and there are opportunities to serve on our board which meets twice a year and helps build and guide our organization into the future.


If you are interested in the Ringerike-Drammen Districts Bygdelag, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments on how we can help you achieve your goals or just learn more about your heritage.  We are here to help. 


Medvenlig Hilsener (with friendly greetings)

Lynn Nord

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